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The Must-have Tool For You.

ToolStar*Win Personal Edition:

Information - Configuration - Inventory
for Windows 95/98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP

ToolStar*Win is the optimum addition for ToolStar*Test, ToolStar*Info and our other diagnostic tools. Analyse resources and configuration. Test the various components also in Windows and get an overview that you can't be without anymore in a modern PC. ToolStar*Win is also suitable for PC inventory and is fully batchable.


Version and configuration, registry, name, interim filing, DOS-devices, surrounding variables, Explorer-settings, Shell folder, together and user specific, boot reaction, boot editor, country specific, …

Processor, Board and Memory
Manufacturer, signature, type, brand-ID, core, stepping, frequency, FSB, internal tact, command extension, vendor-ID, cache configuration, abilities, serial no, MSRs, cache control, BIOS-type, BIOS-date, model, version, PCI-IRQ-routing, memory, memory settings, CMOS-RAM, CMOS configuration, table, power management, ACPI, BIOS data segment, plug'n'play installation structure, …

Resources and Memory
Memory areas and speed, DMA-channels, class, class GUID, device, manufacturer, hardware ID, width, memory status, IRQs, class, class GUID, device, manufacturer, hardware-ID, I/O ports, DOS-memory usage, Windows resources, …

Display, device description, class, Manufacturer, resources, driver name, available settings, abilities, AGP connection, function, transfer rates, max. AGP requests, controller device, manufacturer, revision, measurements, control elements, graph effects, screen saver, frequency measurements, …

Wave device, mixer device, MCI instruments, midi device, audio compression manager, ...

Mouse, VxD version, type, IDs, properties, settings, game controller, keyboard, type, settings, keyboard configuration, input help

All installed COM, LPT, USB, ...settings
configuration, properties, status, baud rate, binary mode, controller, USB port, …

Logical Drives (A: to Z:)
Media information, recycle bin, fragmentation, faster benchmark, surface and speed, size and statistics, open files, directory tree, structure, table of contents of CDs, CD-ROM-Benchmark, driver-, media- and hardware details, DPB drive parameter block, file system, drive parameter, edit media information, …

Physical Drives
Partition table, IBM/MS Int13 extensions, disk manager and benchmarks, surface and speed, parameter, …

Devices to ASPI (SCSI/EIDE)
Host adapter name, ASPI manager, SCSI-ID, parameter, model type, manufacturer, product name, revision, SCSI type, capacity, drive flags, ...

Information for all installed printer and printer driver, server- and printer name, port, driver, print processor, data type, parameter, attributes, status, model name, specification version, driver v ersion, information and settings, …

Every installed modem, software modems too, manufacturer, model, driver manufacturer, driver description and date, LOG-file, properties, command sequences, …

Available resources, entire Network, components, WinSock & IP, user, groups, alias, system status, components name, driver, IDs, manufacturer, date, description, files, parameter, …

Browser, active X-controls, settings

Active processes, loaded modules per process, VxDs, auto start, installed software, application path, help files, shared DLLs, file types, …

Peripheral Devices
Devices by name, devices by connection

Configuration Files and Registry
...that can be edited easily

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