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Proxy Log Analyzer is a tool that allows you to analyze and quickly generate useful reports on Internet connection usage based on data from logs creat




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Description of Proxy Log Analyzer:

With Proxy Log Analyzer you can do things such as: - Count the number of times each unique domain in the proxy log was requested from your proxy server and who requested it. - Full proxy log searches based on a set of keywords and exclude words that you create. - Track all traffic for a specific IP Address or Username on your network in each proxy log. - Count the total amount of bandwidth used by each user. - See the download count, bandwidth and user usage activity per file type. All of the above actions generate a simple, easy-to-read reports in the following formats: - Customizable HTML based report that can be viewed in a standard web browser. - CSV (Comma Separated Values) report that can be easily integrated with a third party tool. Proxy Log Analyzer was designed to be a small utility for use with Microsoft Proxy and ISA Server. Use it to quickly investigate the how your Internet connection is being used.

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