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Ping scanner has 18 major funtions. IP Scan Scan the same IP address for up to 999 times. IP MultiScan Scan up to 65535 IP addresses at once. Traceroute A trace of the IP addresses your ping passes on the way to its destination. MAC Address Gives you the MAC addresses on your subnet. DNS Lookup Finds the IP address, the name or the MX records of a domain or IP Address. Whois Query the whois database of your chois for a given domain. Subnet Calculator Calculates the broadcast address, the network address, the usable start and end address of any given IP address. Finger Query user information on a finger server. Troughput test See how fast your network or internet connection realy is. Gives you the possible data troughput to a host. NT Users Find out wich users are connected to a domain. Windows Network Browse the windows network. Network statistics Query your PC about the TCP, UDP, IP and ICMP statistics. Connection list Find the connections that are open on your PC, including local and remote IP and Port. Telnet client Very flexible telnet client. Port scan Find the ports that are accepting connections on a server. Routable IP list Gives you the routable IP addresses as seen from your PC. Routing table Shows your pc routing table to find out why packages are not going where they should go to. Interfaces Enumerates the interfaces present in your pc, including there MAC address, speed, bytesin, bytes out index # and name.
Results can be saved in CSV, ASCII, XLS and DOC format or printed out.

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