Password Builder Packet (Windows and PalmOS)

This is professional program for Windows.It generates pseudo-random passwords up to 50 chars.




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Palm OS

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Description of Password Builder Packet (Windows and PalmOS):

Password Builder - professional password generator for Windows.

In creation of the password there will be participateonly allowed charsets:
- Upper case (A-Z)
- Lower case (a-z)
- Numeric (0-9)
- Misc (! " * $ % and ' () * +,-./:; <=>? ` [] ^ _ ` {|} ~)

Also it is possible to use the dictionary for creation of the password by a mask. The file of the dictionary should be in Plain Text format and each word should begin with a new line.

The length of the password can be as static and dynamic. If parameters of the minimal and maximal length are equal, the password will be static length. If parameters are various, the password will be casual length from this range.

In Password Builder the following templates are used:
- 'A' - to put a uppercase char.
- 'a' - to put a lowercase char.
- 'N' - to put a numeric char.
- 'M' - to put a punctuation mark or a misc char.
- 'x' - to put a random char from the allowed arrays of chars.
- '=' - to leave the following char as is.
- '!' - to use any of the allowed charsets except for the followed by.
- 'W' - to use one word from the dictionary
- '-' - to fill the rest of the password till the established length with chars from the allowed types of chars.

Example 1.

You want to create the password in length of eight chars. The password should begin with the big letter, the second and third char should be numeric, then any four chars and last there should be a small letter.
For such task the mask will be: ANNxxxxa

Example 2.

You want to create the password of random length in a range from six up to twelve chars (the range is established by parameters of the minimal and maximal length). The password should not begin with numeric. From the fifth position there should be word FOO.
For such task the mask will be: !Nxxx>F>O>O-

Besides the choice of char types and masks, you can edit sets of used chars in any of four types (the Big letters, small letters and so on).

In this window there are all four types of chars and sets for them.
- Uppercase - a set for chars of the big letters (A-Z by default).
- The lower case - a set for chars of small letters (a-z by default).
- Figures - a set for numeric chars (0-9 by default).
- Punctuation and alt chars - a set for chars of punctuation and special chars (! " * $ % and ' () * +,-./:; < = >? ` [] ^ _ ` {|} ~ by default).

And more ....

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