OS-9 Samba File Manager Version II

OS-9 client for Microsoft networks




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Description of OS-9 Samba File Manager Version II:

OS-9 Samba File Manager is a software solution that enables OS-9 users to participate in Microsoft networks with file, and in future, print services. It provides OS-9 users the ability to mount shared directories on Windows NT (Server and Workstation), Windows 95/98, and Windows for Workgroups computers or compatible systems running TCP/IP. Samba File Manager gives OS-9 users simultaneous read and write access to files stored on remote computers without first requiring users to download or copy the files to a local drive. Using it, users can mount multiple shared directories and browse for available resources on given server. Mounting is very similar to Network File System (NFS) mount, but uses a password to prevent unauthorized access to shared resources. Version II supports multiplexing feature, which allows multiple asynchronous input/output requests to be handled by the server at one time. This increases performance when a lot of file operations (open/close/read/write) are executedsimultaneously by different user processes.The future OS-9 Samba File Manager Print Client enables users to print to shared printers on a Microsoft network. It spools print jobs on Windows systems that are configured to share printers (coming soon).

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