Until now you had to configure each pc seperatly, either directly or by remote-systems. NetReg needs only some presets to configure the entire network




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Description of NetReg:

NetReg was developed to make fast and comfortable configurations of large networks with multiple workstations and server. But NetReg also provides an excelent small-business solution. Until now you had to configure each pc seperatly, either directly or by remote-systems. With NetReg you can configure the whole network in one step by creating a tasklist containing all the necessary information. In this tasklist you can define as many systems as necessary and assign to them up to eight different tasks at once (e.g. set an new standard-gateway).That means: The configuration-project has to be discribed only once, the actual configuration will be done by NetReg.NetReg connects directly to the registry of the choosen pc. The registry is the database of the operation system, which contains all relevant information about the system. Example: If you set your systems IP-adress by using the network-settings dialog of windows, the change will be written to the registry. The same result can be achieved by directly modifying the registry. The fact, that NetReg directly accesses the registry holds two advantages: NetReg can configure all registry-based Microsoft operation systems and the user is not limited in his choice of modifications.NetReg provides a fast and reliable way to administrate your network. With correct settings, NetReg configures the whole network without making mistakes. As NetReg runs the whole configuration process in the background, the users don`t even notice NetReg`s access to their systems. Business can go on as usual.Systems which can not be modified directly (e.g. computer offline) will be marked by NetReg and seperatly modified at a later point of time.The integrated status-monitor provides all relevant information about the configuration process.

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