Inet.stat is the traffic consumation control system, allowing complex statistical analysis.




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Description of inet.stat:

What is inet.stat?
Inet.stat is the product intended for use as a traffic consumation control system, especially in the small firms and local provider companies. It includes two separate programs, traffic capturing agent Net Sniffer 1.5 (built on WinPcap packet driver) and inet.stat analyzing program itself.The first version of this product was released in the 1999.

How does it work?
The traffic capturing agent, running on the router or in its network segment, collects the information about traffic. Files created by the sniffer can be analyzed with inet.stat program. Analysis can be done to:
- see how much bytes were downloaded by users from the local network;
- know what sites of the Internet were accessed by users of subnetwork;
- determine what sites have visited selected user;
- know what users of the subnetwork have visited certain site.

What are the features of the analysis?
Analysis can be performed for selected period of time. Traffic can be distincted by user-defined classes, allowing complex tariffication. Classes may be defined by including/excluding subnetworks, ports, type of traffic.Results of the analysis can be saved as a report to .csv file or copied to clipboard.

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