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Description of DBAP Software Network Tools:

DBAP Network Tools is a collection of tools for network administrators, engineers and consultants to use in design, implementation and support of networks.

They encompass a suite of applications that can be used to determine network trouble points, map networks, create reports on usage information, and help secure your network.

The Tools consist of the following applications:

Cisco CPU Monitor

A tool used to monitor the CPU Utilization of Cisco Routers using SNMP. This tool encompasses reporting and graphing for network utilization and system load.

Cisco Configuration Editor

A tool used to work directly with Cisco IOS router configurations, giving you the ability to download the configuration file, make changes and merge those changes directly back to the router within one application interface.

Cisco Configuration Upload

A utility used to facilitate the transfer of a Cisco configuration file from a TFTP server to the running configuration of a Cisco IOS based Router.

Cisco Configuration Download

A utility used to facilitate the transfer of a running configuration from Cisco IOS based Router to TFTP Server.

Cisco Password Decryption

A tool used to crack the algorithm used in ¡°cisco 7¡± passwords It can be used for single lookups and in file mode to scan for all occurrences of passwords in a configuration file.

Cisco Security Scanner

A tool used to analyze Cisco routers for some common security related issues.

Cisco Proxy Ping

A utility used to send ICMP Ping packets from a Cisco Router to a destination and report the reply status of the end node.

Network Discovery

This utility maps out network address space by using ICMP, DNS and SNMP to determine if an address is in use, and if so what is using it.

Ping Subnet

This utility maps out network address space by using DNS and ICMP pings to determine what is or is not being used.

Trace Route

A utility used to determine the routed path to a destination host.

Subnet Calculator

Network Calculator is a tool used to determine subnet masks and valid IP Address ranges.

WAN Traffic Generator

A utility to generate massive amounts of network traffic for testing traffic pattern scenarios.

TFTP Server

TFTP Server fully supports TFTP File Transfers as defined by RFC 1350, RFC 1782 and RFC 1783.

Ping Path

A tool used to monitor and report the packet throughput and network latency to a destination host.

Ping Monitor

A tool used to monitor the network availability and status of many devices by using the ICMP ping protocol.


A utility used to determine information for Internet Domain¡¯s, uses internic.net Whois database to resolve .com, .net and .edu domains.

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