Client for Remote Administrator 2.1

Client for Remote Administrator - the powerful wrapper for Remote Administrator 2.1




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Description of Client for Remote Administrator 2.1:

Client for Remote Administrator - the powerfull wrapper for Remote Administrator 2.1
If you are the system administrator or member of support team - then "Client for Remote Administrator" can interest you.

What is the Remote Administrator?
Remote Administrator ( is an award-winning remote control program that enables you to work on one or more remote computers from your own. It is a complete remote control solution with all key features such as File Transfer, NT security, Telnet and Multilanguage support included.

What is the "Client for Remote Administrator" ?
Those who is already familiar with program Remote Administrator, know, that its address book is not too convenient for work with a plenty of computers, and program's feature set is not too large.
"Client for Remote Administrator" lifts you on a new level of the network management, where your network consists of thousands of computers, adding to standard functionality of the RAdmin the following functions:
- storage of connections in folders of any level of nesting
- connections layout on a "map" - on a floor or network plan
- polling connections (ping and check RAdmin existence)
- storage of passwords for connections and their automatic input on demand
- remote install, setup and control of RAdmin server
- scanning of a local network for new computers both with RAdmin and without it
- and many others...

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