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AC.log Pro analyses web server logs and provides valuable information on user behavior




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Platform independent

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Description of AC.log Pro:

AC.log Pro helps you to get to know your web size users. It accomplishesthat by analysing web server usage, providing you with highly valuable informationat a low cost on how visitors make use of your web site.
You want to get to know your web site users! Why?You invested lots of time and effort into your web site.; Are visitors using the web site in the way you expected?; Are they using it in ways that suggest extending, changing, orpruning content?; Are there any highly used spots you weren't aware of which mightbe worth extending?; Could you improve the web site so it fits the needs of visitorsbetter (how do they move through the site, what had they been searching for)?; Or there any slow spots that need some improved linking and advertising(or plain removal)?; Where are the visitors from? How to they get to the site? Are they usingsearch engines, what have they been searching for when they hit a page?; Are there indicators the site is being used optimally (no accesserrors, constant high traffic across most pages, regular andcomplete ifdexing by search engines, etc.)?; Are there any irregularities which need some attention or fixing(access errors, rarely visited pages you think should draw more attention,search engines not indexing pages, etc.)?
A lot of important questions that AC.log Pro can help to answer.

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