Light Panel

Small, fast and easy-to-use program launcher with support of quick directory listing.




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Windows All Versions

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Description of Light Panel:

Light Panel was designed to be an easy way to run programs. It is a very small application that stays on the Windows desktop. Light Panel contains all your favorite programs, links, documents and urls. (Just drag-and-drop any object from an Explorer window to the Light Panel bar). Also you can create buttons for exploring any folder on your computer as a multi-item menu. Light Panel has another very usefull ability - it may quick store your notes into any text file you select. For example, if you are reading mail and see an interesting paragraph that you wish to store for futher reading, you can just select by mouse this part of text, copy it to clipboard and click on the Light Panel icon in tray. Light Panel will scan clipboard for your text and store it into a file. The name of the file may be choosen by you.

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