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xSync is a comprehensive tool, designed to simplify the often complex process of file synchronization, offering the ability of comparing two locations




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Description of xSync File Synchronizer:

xSync is a comprehensive tool, designed to simplify the often complex process of file synchronization.
Synchronizing files doesn't mean only copying files from A to B, which can be done in any file manager, too. xSync has the ability of comparing two locations, graphically displaying the differences and synchronizing the locations, allowing to change and apply various settings. Why do we need to synchronize files?
If you are working on more than one Computer (e.g. PC and Laptop), you probably experienced before how difficult it is to keep all your data up to date (synchronized). Use xSync to give you full transparency on file changes and to automate the synchronization process.
Do you often backup data? This is a very time wasting procedure, especially if you are running your backups through the network. By using synchronization, the backup duration will be considerably optimized, as only changed files are being copied.
Basic Features
¡ã Project management.
¡ã File System Plug-in
¡ã Customizable user interface.
¡ã Exploring two folders at the same time with overlaid display of the folder tree and folder contents.
¡ã Simple and recursive compare of folders and files, applying the needed synchronization settings.
¡ã Binary file comparison.
¡ã Different display filters.
¡ã Ignoring folders and files by name, relative path or pattern, on project or global level.
¡ã Manual change of synchronization settings.
¡ã Synchronization of folders and files with the possibility to select alternative destination and backup paths.
¡ã Windows Explorer compatible Drag & Drop.
¡ã Opening files and folders.
¡ã Defining custom file commands, including the integration of graphical file comparison tools.
¡ã Deleting files (optional to recycle bin)

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