WinRoam explorer for Pocket PC 2002

Small, fast, powerful, easy-to-use file access tool. Let you access and sync with ANY remote file from your PocketPC with security and efficiency!




$14.99 (USD)


Win CE/Pocket PC

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Description of WinRoam explorer for Pocket PC 2002:

WinRoam 1.0 is lightweight and yet provides fast, secure, real-time access to your desktop and corporate network files from your Pocket PC device. It works over wireless or wired connections. You can access any file on a host computer, not just those you placed in a special shared-folder prior to access because you never know when and where you need it! WinRoam is more than a file explorer - it provides secure communication (SSL), encryption of your files (high grade cryptography), and reduced data transmission time (compression).

With WinRoam, you can:
; Organize your files in a familiar Windows file explorer style interface. ; Access ANY file on a desktop or server over a network connection. ; Browse computers on the network ; Connect to your desktop with the same username and password to prevent unauthorized access. ; Securely send/receive data over network with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. ; Encrypt/decrypt your data on your device. ; Synchronize folders between device and host computers without using ActiveSync and cables. ; Compress data automatically (when copying files) to reduce transmission time over a slow connection. ; View, open and modify local and remote files. ; Copy and move your files. ; Automatically sync back changes to remote files. ; View detailed file/folder properties. ; Tap to open a file or get directory listing. ; Tap and hold to display a popup menu. ; Associate an application with a file extension. ; Set up file filter. ; Use it for free for 15 days before you purchase.

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