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Universal Shield - multilevel defense system for your confidential data.




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Description of Universal Shield:

Universal Shield is a unique computer safeguard tool that has been praised by corporate security experts and IT industry pundits. It provides multilevel defence system to make sure your data is always protected. The unique approach of this software is that you are always put in charge and you decide which means of defence are most appropriate for you. Universal Shield allows you to select different modes of access to your files, hard-drives, data, or other computers in the network. You may set unrestricted access to some commonly used applications that are deemed not to be security compromise. You may assign to any object (file, folder, disk, etc.) one of four access modes or any combination thereof: Read-only, Save privilege, Delete privilege, Visibility (Hide). Importantly, you can use masks to protect groups of documents. You can hide all text documents, or you may make all files in certain folder Read-Only, or you may make invisible all files that have related names. The hotkeys allow you to set different protection modes on and off instantaneously. You are also given an option to set access password to increase security level. Universal Shield has gained popularity both at homes and offices. Most people use this program at home to protect their data of confidential nature - financial, for example, from access by kids or visitors. This program is also used to protect personal information you store at your computer at work. You can now protect important documents you are working on from unauthorized access by fellow employees who may want to use these documents to their benefit and your disadvantage. Only Universal Shield can guarantee absolute protection for your most important data.

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