Total Rename File Renamer

Batch file renamer. Find-and-replace style renaming, numbering and automated tasks for internet cleanup, MP3, font files and more!




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Windows All Versions

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Description of Total Rename File Renamer:

Batch file renamer

Easily edit single file names (including extensions) or whole directories. Use find-and-replace style renaming to change or remove a group of characters in a directory full of files.

Use grouping and numbering to add custom prefixes, suffixes and numbers/letters/roman numerals.

Use scores of predefined automated tasks for internet cleanup such as "Change _ to space", "Smart Title Case", "Convert escape%20codes" , "Get internal names from MP3's & font files (true type and T1)" and more!

Total Rename makes it all easy. Reorganize or clean up downloaded files or collections. Not sure if you want to make a change? Use preview to see what it will be like. Still not sure? Use verify mode to preview and allow or disallow for each change. Change your mind afterward? Undo all or selected files.

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