Replace In Files - With Or Without Using Regular Expressions.




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Description of TextSwapper:

The TextSwapper is an application designed to ease the tedious chore of changing the contents of files. This application comes to it's best when there are many files to update, as it traverses a complete directory tree. The files to be changed can be specified using wildcards: "?" and "*".The text to be replaced can be specified either by plain text or as Regular Expressions. Regular Expressions is a powerful format with which one can specify a wide combination of text to be replaced.When installed this product adds a menu item to the right-click menu in the Windows Explorer. If the user right-clicks on any type of file in the Windows Explorer a new menu is available there, called: Replace in file.... Selecting this menu will bring up a small application in which the selected file can be searched, and if match was found, the contents of the file will be changed.

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