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Stylet file manager is Multiple Document Interface File Manager. It is very easy to use , intuitive , young, fresh , elegant , and good-looking. Designed with completley unortodox approach , it may take some time to get used on it , but when do , file managment will get easier and faster than ever!!! Most of the file managers in world use two-panels approach as a solution for copying and manipulating files. With Stylet File Manager , you can use as much view-panels ( or to be more exact 'view windows' ) as you want. ( People in our company usually use 5-6 at one time ). This file manager is definetly NOT re-inventing the wheel !!! Here's why : - Outstanding drag & drop. No, really, try to drop files onto 'Go Back' button to see what happens. Then drop files at 'Go forward' , 'Go up' , 'New window' , 'Use Explorer menu' , 'View' , 'Pack' , 'UnPack' , 'Delete' , 'Favorites' , 'Home' and onto task buttons. We know you've never seen this before. That's because we did something like this first. Drag & Drop makes things to go faster & easier. We know that , and we'll make it better and better in Stylet file manager. - When finished playing with drag & drop , get a closer look to that 'session' button in the top-right corner. Bookmarks ( Favorites ) and shortcuts enables you to save ONE frequently visited folder/archive. Sessions enables you to save AS MANY as you want! Consider that as 'upgraded' favorites. - AES ciphering & permanent file wiping. - Zip , rar , tar , gzip , bzip ,arj , ace , lha , jar are supported , along with many others which you'll never use , but which we've put just in case you ever need a .Zoo or .BlackHole format.... - You can turn off all those pesky 'Are you sure ... ?' dialogs. - Viewer can view various kinds of files ( 38 image formats , HTML , txt and rtf ). - And many more ... no, Stylet is not over-crowded ... it's elegant.

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