#120001, StorageTools (1-99 licenses)

StorageTools, the full featured storage card management utilities set for Windows powered Pocket PC and Handheld PC devices.




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Win CE/Pocket PC

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Description of #120001, StorageTools (1-99 licenses):

The most comprehensive storage card management solution, StorageTools is the first product to offer defragmentation functionality for Pocket PC devices, providing dramatic speed improvements by resolving file fragmentations.

With StorageTool you can get detailed device and file system information about yourstorage cards, analysis of file allocations (slack space) and fragmentation level.

StorageTools works with all media types available on PocketPC/Windows CE devices, including industry standards: ATA compliant memory cards, Compact Flash cards, MicroDrives, Secure Digital (SD) cards, MultiMedia Cards (MMC) and PCMCIA memory cards. You can format storage media with different file system and cluster size.

Scan tool diagnoses and repairs a variety of media problems. It performs several tests, checking everything from the boot sector to its physical surface. If StorageTools finds a problem, it notifies you before making repairs. Optionally allows making all necessary repairs automatically.

With StorageTools defragmenter you achieve maximum performance under Pocket PC/Windows CE with minimum effort! It includes the most professional and user-friendly features ever found in defragmentation software.You must eliminate fragmentation to eliminate the most basic performancebottleneck on your PocketPC device as you can on your powerful desktop computer.

The StorageTool includes full support for all storage/media cards even transparentlyencrypted volumes by Sentry 2020 for PocketPC,and includes options to choose FAT type and cluster size when formatting,plus the ability to create a backup FAT to improve storage reliability.

Key benefitsSupports all Windows CE storage media: MMC/SD, compact flash, etc. ; Install and Uninstall options ; Supports FAT and FAT32 file systemsSupported platformsPocket PC 2002 (Windows CE 3.0) ; Pocket PC (Windows CE 3.0)

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