RenameMaster lets you rename files in a batch. RenameMaster lets you rename files in a batch. Create new filenames easy! It can also be used to create




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Let's look at a few examples of what you can do with RenameMaster: 1. You have 500 pictures of old cars.The pictures are named "oldcar1.jpg", "car11.jpg", "morris.jpg", "1.jpg" etc. With RenameMaster, simply select the files, choose output directory, and an apropriate filename, i.e 1st. = "old cars ", 2nd. = ascending count from 1, wiht an increment of 1. Now all files would have names like "old car 1.jpg", old car 2.jpg" etc. 2. You have 30 MP3 files of an artist, the files are named "Madonna1.mp3", "madonna - beutiful stranger.mp3" etc. All the files have ID3 tags with the correct artist/song/album info. Now simply set the filname to 1st. = ID3 Artist, 2nd. = " - ", 3rd. = ID3 Title. The files would now be named [Artist - Song title.mp3]. 3. You have 300 MP3 files, all in the pop genre. To ensure they all contain the correct Genre ID3 tag, and also get a comment like "My pop music", simply set RenameMaster to alter the ID3 tags, while the filename is set to "old filename".

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