ProtectZ 1.60

ProtectZ allows you to hide and restrict access to any folders and files




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Description of ProtectZ 1.60:

ProtectZ is a security utility for personal and public accessible computers. This software-only solution enables you to restrict access to any non-virtual folders and files, to edit a lot of different system policies of Windows 95/98/Me. ProtectZ enables you to hide files and folders, to make them undeletable or "read-only", to forbid rename them, to make them unreadable, to forbid rewrite them or just to preserve their attributes unchanged from unauthorized interference.ProtectZ enables you to protect folders including their subdirectories. Wildcards feature enables you to protect all EXE or DLL files from rewriting. You may make all file's attributes unmodified. ProtectZ protects files and folders on local hard disk drive, network drive, character device and gives you possibility to view unauthorized access which is stored in the log file. ProtectZ enables you to permit access to protected files and folders by specified processes.ProtectZ enables you to forbid any hot key combinations using and itself can be run by predefined set of hot keys.Additional policies enables you to make a flexible control of many Windows 95/98/Me resources, such as the Network settings, StartUp Menu, Control Panel, Desktop, etc.ProtectZ uses a little bit more than 50K of memory and works easily in the background.

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