Paragon Disk Wiper Professional

Securely erases all traces of your activity on computer.




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Description of Paragon Disk Wiper Professional:

Paragon Disk Wiper is the best utility you need to securely erase all traces of your activity on computer. You can have many reasons for this, even if you didn¡¯t mind about it so far: computer is being rented and it will be returned possibly with your private information you don¡¯t want to disclose, you could donate your old computer, you could give your computer to friend for a while, your computer could be stolen or even seized, may be your company regularly inspects your workstation on weekends (or, may be parents?). In any such case the information, which can tell much about you personally and your activities, could be accessed by anyone else. You even deleted all data you have noticed could be sensitive, but it still could be there, on hard disk, in the form of temporary files, as some strings in configuration files or in registry, and even in the form of magnetism of storage media you have surely forgotten about. Don¡¯t give anyone a chance to discredit you ¨C use Paragon Disk Wiper!

Don't leave your secrets on your old HDD. Don't forget to erase your Emails, Internet History and Cache, Contact data, Financial data, Trade Secrets or just private files you want to get rid of.

Just run Paragon Disk Wiper and select area of your hard disk: whole partition, whole hard disk or free space only and start the wiping process. You can feel certain that all personal information is eliminated. When specified, Disk Wiper erases all data including partitions, folders, directories, files, file tables, dynamic drive overlays and master boot record information (the latter two options - if erasing hard disk is specified). It erases all viruses including master boot sector viruses (if erasing hard disk is specified).

After erasing process you can run verification of the results. It's easy, quick and safe.

Disk Wiper Professional is designed for organizations and professionals that requires an easy, fast and effective way for sanitizing hard disks. Disk Wiper Professional meets US Department of Defense 5220.22-M, chapter 8-306 sanitizing standards. Select special overwriting patterns and up to 99 passes to ensure 100% erasing of all sensitive data. All erasing proceedings and results can be exactly verified and printed out.

Command line parameters assist in reducing IT costs by providing administrators an effective solution to automate data wiping as remote partitioning operation over TCP/IP or IPX networks.

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