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Description of Ordix Mpack Lite Edition:

Ordix Mpack is a program to join and split multiple files. It provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for joining or splitting of files. Although you can use Ordix Mpack to combine any types of files you like, it is specifically designed to combine MPEG files.MPEG Compatibility Check (MCC) allows user to check whether different MPEG files are suitable to be packed together as a single file for uninterrupted viewing enjoyment. You can add as many files as you like to the list and easily re-order them to meet your needs.With its unpack feature, you can unpack files into multiple smaller files for easy transportation.Ordix Mpack is very easy to use, and better still it's fully functional shareware. Ordix Mpack LE (Lite Edition)Ordix Mpack LE is the Lite Edition of Ordix Mpack. It is the improved and enhanced version of Ordix Mpack v2.02. However, it uses the technology of Ordix Mpack 2000.It includes the minimal and necessary features of Ordix Mpack.

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