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Description of NetDrag:

NetDrag provides a more efficient way to surf the Web. Simply drag titles (links) you want to a drop box rather then open them in IE, NetDrag will use multi-thread technology to swiftly download the titles with contents to a well structured local database for offline reading. Net drag is also powerful in search and management of downloaded pages, thanks to the database environment. If you do stick to the traditional way to surf, you can still benefit from NetDrag. To save a web page, you no longer need to do the tedious work -- click on 'File' menu, choose 'save as', select disc directory (you may forget some days later), name the file, and press 'save' button. Every thing is done by right clicking and choosing 'NetDrag quick save'. Preliminary experiment demonstrates that NetDrag can save up to 80% of your online time. That means 5 hours job will be finished in an hour.

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