HWT Split Master

HWT Split Master is a file splitting and merging Utility.




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Windows All Versions

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Description of HWT Split Master:

Are you annoyed for some files are too large to put on a floppy disk? If you have to split some large files or need to send files via email, in that way you need Split Master. HWT Split Master is a powerful file splitting and merging Utility.It can split files with any size and format into smaller parts and merge them back, to get back the original file. Many predefined sizes are provided in it. It can compress original file into .Zip or.Cab format automatically,so as to reduce the file size. It can also create Self-Resored BAT and EXE file, so that the files can be restored in those computers which Split Master hasn't been installed on. Split Master has many useful functions to make your operation much easier and faster. Including split files directly in Windows Explorer; drag and drop files; add original file's data automatically; launch file after restoring, etc.

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