An easy to use Optimization-Tool, which can help you find out which files or folders are not in use or may be damaged. You can check for broken Links



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Description of Firestorm:

Firestorm offers various optimization suggestions to the beginner of understandable surface under a simple one by means of less buttons. At the moment 67 tests pass through your system fully automatically and the found optimization suggestions are displayed in traffic lights assessments so that beginners can distinguish between safe green suggestions up to red suggestions to be checked. History of real of player e.g. the optimization suggestions cover the registration data base, temporary stewards, installation archives, orphaned link and Pif files, Delphi-Backupfiles, Scandisk files and steward, garbage cans empty, cookies empty, browser caches of IE, Opera and Netscape, Mediaplayer, Irfanview and Windows Commander and a lot of more. The list of the optimization suggestions in the HTML, CSV, XLS, DOC and document format can in addition be stored now. Deleting is, so that files deleted inadvertently are restored for recovery. Absolut newly and the support uniquely is in this manner at a program of administrator rights supported now, too. Firestorm only can be used by authorized persons on computers used commercially and of nobody so differently. This is also supported fully of the latest operating system Windows XP of course.

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