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Description of FileCryptor:

The FileCryptor is a convenient way to secure the contents, of any type of file, from unauthorized access.The application encrypts and decrypts the files, using Microsoft CryptoAPI.The application is designed to encrypt/decrypt many files as well as a single file at a time. The files to be encrypted/decrypted can be specified using wildcards: "?" and "*". As a result of this feature the application can traverses a complete directory tree and encrypt/decrypt all the files, that matches the specified file name criteria, residing under that directory.When installed this product adds a menu item to the right-click menu in the Windows Explorer. If the user right-clicks on any type of file in the Windows Explorer a new menu is available there, called: Encrypt/Decrypt file.... Selecting this menu will bring up a small application in which the selected file can be encrypted or decrypted.The application can be configured to put a .locked extension on encrypted files.When decrypting an encrypted file, the application prompts the user if the specified password was incorrect.

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