Catalog Master

A powerfull tool with explorer-like interface which allows you to catalog all kind of media (Floppies, CD-ROMS, ZIP disks, Fixed disks, Network Drives




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Description of Catalog Master:

Welcome to Catalog Master

What is Catalog Master? Catalog Master, is a utility that allows you to catalog any type of store means (like Hard disks, Cd-roms, Floppy disks, optical disks, ZIP disks, etc...) in a easy and extremely fast way, assuring the safety of the catalog, and offering a fast way for finding files, by optimized means of search and exploration methods.

With CatalogMaster, you can, for example:

- Search files or folders, in a disk or more, having the possibility of filtering the search by name,
  size and date.

- Create detailed information that allows you to have an wide control of the amount and type of disks.

- Import catalogs created with other products to facilitate the migration towards ours.

- In addition, the program supports the most popular formats of file compression (for example: RAR, ZIP, ACE, CAB, etc...), to be able to explore them like folders.

- Another one of its advantages is that it offers a very familiar interface to you, comfortable and customized.

Catalog Master, as much offers a great flexibility at the time of making its catalogues, as for the search and the exploration of them. It supports 4 levels of compression, reducing considerably the size of his data base. You will be astonished with the speed with which Catalog Master works.

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