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History Scrub v2.0 was designed from the ground up to FULLY eliminate internet surfing history in IE & Netscape. Works with Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP &




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Windows All Versions

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Description of ARXsoftware History Scrub:

History scrub is a professional developed internet surfing history erase tool. Upon installation, it can perform customized erasure of ALL traces of history including .dat files. History Scrub v2.0 also has a built in file shredder which is a handy addition to erase any unwanted file - anywhere. Packed with features, we're still selling it at 1/3 the price of lesser capable softwares.
Key features of History Scrub:
?Erases Windows secret index.dat file;
?Erases site addresses;
?Erases recent files list;
?Erases 'My Documents' files;
?Erases the Recycle bin;
?Erases Browser Cache files;
?Erases Browser cookies;
?Erases Browser Favorites;
?Erases Browser History Logs;
?Erases Windows Temp directories;
?Erases Auto-complete Web Addresses.
?Additional features include a built-in scheduler
?automatically 'erase' at scheduled times.
Question: My computer has a recycle bin, I can just delete my files myself and erase my history - save myself 19.95, right?
Answer: no, you can "recycle" files yourself, that is if you know where they all are. What you can't do is destroy the files, delete them or erase Windows .dat files. A recycle bin is appropriatly named.
Question: What does "recycle" mean as far as deleting files on my computer?
Answer: Not much for security you havn't deleted anything - The defenition of Recycle in the dictionary is "To pass through a series of changes - to process - recoverable - the ability to bring back". History Scrub v2.0 erases your files and history completely. The defenition of Erase is "To delete from a computer storage device - to remove from existance or memory.
Question: What is a Windows index.dat file and why can't I find it?
Answer: .dat files are hidden from display as defualt in Windows. The secret .dat files that you hear about are log files that log your internet surfing activity in a hidden fashion. There is no function built into your machine to delete or view these files. Even if you can view the file, you can't delete it - deletion of those files can only take place upon reboot of the system. That is why History Scrub performs a full system reboot on the complete cleaning phase.
Question: Will History Scrub erase only what I want it to?
Answer: Absolutly - The setting control panel is fully customizable with 12 seperate areas of control.
Question: Can I erase and destroy other files on my computer besides internet history and related matter?
Answer: YES, The advanced control panel of the program allows you to erase ANY file in ANY directory you choose. On top of that, you can overwrite the file for further sercurity.
Question: Are there any security benefits to having the program running while I surf the internet?
Answer: Yes, you can set your homepage in the settings menu to stay put. Some sites when visited will trick you into setting their bookmark as your home page - History Scrub blocks this action.

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