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MaxFormat formats floppy disks with a maximum capacity.




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Description of Alkonost MaxFormat:

Alkonost MaxFormat can format floppies to the standard formats for 3.5 inch disk of 1.4MB and 720K, and the 5.1/4 inch disks of 1.2MB and 360K, plus additional nonstandard formats: the 1.72MB and the 1.68MB DMF (3.5 inch disk) and 1,5MB (5.1/4 inch disks).The DMF (1.68MB) format is often used for distribution floppies under Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. 1.72MB format is not compatible with Windows NT.MaxFormat determines the type and number of floppy drives on your system and provides very fast formatting as multi-tasking background operation. In addition to formatting floppies, MaxFormat can also verify, make bootable (even with DMF formats!), clear disks, and format only when needed. MaxFormat is a 32-bit program for Windows 95/98. Version 1.12 doesn't work in Windows NT.Note: On some systems you cannot be able to format as DMF or 1.72Mb.

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