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Alfa System Protector is an easy file and registry protection program.With it You can define in finest details the protection for files andthe reg



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Description of Alfa System Protector:

Alfa System Protector is a full system protection software, enabling You to protect any and all aspects of Your system, including, but not limited to: - File Protection? system provides the highest, and fastest possible solution for file protection. - Registry Protection? system is the best registry protection tool. - Startup Protection? system provides protection before Windows starts up. - Item Protection? system gives You the ability to protect all other aspects of Your system. Among other features, Alfa System Protector has: - Built-in support for multiple user interface. You can use Alfa System Protector without any change on multi user systems. Please, see the license for further information! - Fully transparent protection. No user interaction is required. - Low memory requirements. Alfa System Protector system uses less than 35Kb of system memory. - Fast pattern algorithms. Our engineers are among the best optimization experts in the computer world. We've made our protection system so that it makes no performance impact on Your system! - Content sensitive help gives You fast access to help on all Alfa System Protector program items. - (Network edition only) Control over a network! - Improved file protection possibilities for Windows NT/2000 users! With Alfa System Protector, You can define file or folder protection much more precisely, than with any NTFS security! - Improved registry protection for Windows NT/2000 users! With Alfa System Protector, You can define registry key or value protection with higher detail, and ease, than with NT registry security!

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