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Alfa File System Monitor is a full featured file system monitor application.You can monitor file events, schedule notification and report events for



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Description of Alfa File System Monitor:

Alfa File Monitor? is a program, used to monitor file events, and schedule , to be fired when a specific file event occurs. Alfa File Monitor? can monitor: - File Create - Directory Create (separate entries are made for directories and files) - File Delete - Directory Delete (separate entries are made for directories and files) - File Rename - NT Only: Directory Rename (separate entries are made for directories and files) - File Replace - File Open - NT Only: Directory Open (separate entries are NOT made for directories and files) - File data Flush (witting cached data to disk) - File Close! (See when files are no longer being used) - File Read - File Write - File Attribute Query - File Attribute Change - File's Last Access Time Query - File's Last Modify Time Query - File's Create Time Query - File's Last Access Time Change - File's Last Modify Time Change - File's Create Time Change (The last 6 can only be monitored under Windows 9x/Me, where under Windows NT/2K/XP they are done in the same call for the attributes query or change) Alfa File Monitor? also monitors whether the file action was successful or not. Notification Events make it possible to get a notification message or execute a program when a certain file event is made. Reports (also done via Notification Events) make it easy to see how many times a particular file event(s) has/have occurred.

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