Advanced Find and Replace

Search documents with smart queries and batch replace lines of text!




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Description of Advanced Find and Replace:

Advanced Find and Replace is exactly what the name implies. It's fast,easy to use, and a great time-saver for programmers and Webmasters inparticular. This powerful utility lets you perform text searches on yourlocal computer as if you were using an Internet search engine. It featuressupport for operators that allow you to specify phrases, words to insist on(+), and words to ignore (-). You can easily apply filespec, date, and sizefilters to speed up the search. The program also allows you to replacesimple or multiline strings. Specify your search-and-replace strings, thenchoose the action you'd like to take: delete the search string, insert textbefore or after it, or simply replace it. You can even apply multiplechanges to large groups of files in a single operation and use optionalconfirmation if you need to be more selective. Excellent documentation isincluded.

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