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Description of ActiveLaunch:

ActiveLaunch is a utility providing you with the opportunity to faster openfrequently used applications, documents, and folders using both themouse and the keyboard. ActiveLaunch main window looks similar to aregular folder window in My Computer with icons reflected in it beinganalogues to Windows shortcuts. Different sections can be created assubfolders.

However in the work with ActiveLaunch there are some peculiarities, ifcompared to the work with Windows shortcuts

ActiveLaunch window can be faster reached by clicking the trayicon or by pressing the Alt +Backspace key combination.
Any icon can be assigned to any key, thus pressing thecorresponding key would launch the necessary item.
To open all items of current or selected section you can use Open All entry from main windowright-click menu. You can get the same result keeping Ctrl key in the pressedposition during opening of the section.
After launching an application, opening a document or a folderthe ActiveLaunch window is automatically closed. However, keeping Ctrl key in the pressedposition prevents ActiveLaunch from shutting down. This feature providesfor convenience in case there is a necessity of opening of several items(e.g. folders, files, and web pages).
To add icons you can either use the menu or the Windows Drag&Droptechnology. You may also want to use a smaller ActiveLaunchDrag&Drop Panel. This can be useful while creating icons forlaunching an application, by dragging an icon from the programs menu, orfor accessing a web page, by dragging the Internet shortcut from yourdesktop.

In a multi-user environment every Windows-user is assigned with anindividual set of properties and icons.

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