7tools Partition Manager 2003

7tools Partition Manager 2003 - The universal tool for partitions!




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Description of 7tools Partition Manager 2003:

Universal tool for partitions! 7Tools Partition Manager 2003 affords everything you may need for managing partitions; it's suitable for both everyday and rare needs, for either inexperienced user or advanced professional.

At any time you can easily and safely change partitioning of your hard disk, change parameters of partitions. All modern and usually used file systems and operating systems are supported.

With 7Tools Partition Manager 2003 you can reclaim wasted disk space, organize your data, add new operating systems, speed up file system performance. You can even install and manage several operating systems on your computer, no matter which they are. Overcoming barriers between different families of operating systems get full access to Linux partitions (Ext2/3FS) from Windows operating system.

With 7Tools Partition Manager 2003 you just select what partition modification should be done. All will be done automatically without data loss.

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