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Description of ZipOffice 10 Classic:

Zip Office 98 is a powerful tool that creates Zip files and extracts all major format file compressions (CAB, RAR, LHA, ARC, ARJ, ZOO, BH, GZIP, UUE...) without external programs.Beside the basic functions of usual compression tools, you will find new and exciting functions. For example:
'Active Zip' transparently updates your Zip file each time you update your data.; Virtual Folder' organizes your downloads and archives.; URL extractor remembers the Internet address from which you have downloaded the file. (Only with Microsoft IE4 or higher).; Powerful context menu allows for rapid zipping and unzipping.; Task Scheduler compatibility automatically updates Zip files.; 'Save as' translates one compressed format to another.; Full access to the 'Send to' menu of the Microsoft Explorer.; Wizard assistant to help the beginner compress, extract or define an 'Active Zip'.; An advanced Checkout function that installs files from an archive, and finds them in program group or subgroup.; Open API (registered users only) to compress or extract file directly from your own application (build with Access, Visual Basic, Delphi or any Windows language).Basic functions are improved for an easier, more powerful use:
Extended open function allows you to preview the content of the archive; Predefined definition for Zipping or extracting archive files (always exclude, always include...).; Date filter.; Access to the Favorites area through the Windows Start Menu. ; Work on file directly from the Zip, and update or store it as a new file version; Show Zip tree view.

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