SECP Selfextrator Creator

SECP creates self extracting files, usefull for programmes




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Description of SECP Selfextrator Creator:

SECP creates self extracting archives which can be modified without CRC error and without recompressing. It is usefull to put a serialnumber or something else in it. It is the right choice if you are a programmer and want to put something in your archives bevor a download starts. With SECP it is possible to create self extracting archives with following propertys: ¡¤ SECP archives are able to open or start files after decompressing, for example your Install.exe¡¤ you define which files are compressed and which not¡¤ decompressing is possible in temp folder or in the actual folder¡¤ relative or fixed filenames for decompressing¡¤ with batch files you are able to automate the compressing¡¤ the modification it also possible under Linux¡¤ no welcome dialog

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