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Description of PasswordSafe:

The PasswordSafe is an application designed to store all the various passwords and user names we all have to remember, these days. The application stores the passwords in an encrypted file. The location of this file is configurable and can easily be changed by the user. This file is never readable - it's encrypted, using Microsoft CryptoAPI.The application starts up by asking the user to specify a password, which will be used for encryption of the file above. This password can, at any time be changed by the user. At all concurrent sessions the user has to specify this password again, for the application to open up ¨C to prevent unauthorized access.When the application is launched the user can add, change and remove any password to/from/in the application. Entered passwords are visible in the application. Which password that is currently visible is selected by clicking with the mouse or by using the up and down arrow keys.Beside the password, a user name (or other explanatory text), a short description and an optional, more descriptive, text is stored together with the password.When minimized the password has to be supplied to restore the application - to prevent unauthorized access. In minimized mode the application has no icon in the taskbar. The icon is found in the tray area of the taskbar instead. Clicking on this icon, when minimized, brings up the password dialog. The same can be achieved by key combinations below.The PasswordSafe can, at any time, be brought to front and it can be minimized even if it isn't in focus. To achieve this use CTRL-NUMPAD_UP and CTRL-NUMPAD_DOWN. I.e. the Ctrl key in combination with the Up-arrow key and Down-arrow key on the Num-pad to the right. Ctrl key in combination with the Up-arrow key brings the application to the front and gives it focus. If the application is minimized when this key combination is pressed, the application prompts the user for the password before the application is made visible again. Ctrl key in combination with the Down-arrow key minimizes the application regardless if it has focus or not.

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