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Description of Magical Tray:

Magical Tray is an "intelligent" tray, which automatically moves files and folders dragged to it (by Drag & Drop) to suitable locations and ensures easy access to them - wherever they were stored.

You have to define only once how certain file types have to be treated ... and in future just drag & drop the files to your "magical" tray - which does the rest.

But Magical Tray can do more...
The dropped files are processed according to rules defined by you for the desired file types. These rules can include the following actions:

- Moving to selectable folders
- Copying to selectable folders
- Deleting
- Printing with selectable printer
- Opening with selectable applications
- Listing with the Magical Tray browser

Any number of actions can be combined. The execution of each action is controlled by conditions (such as "execute always" / "excute if previous action was executed" / "execute if previous action was not executed" / "excute if previous action failed") and properties of the processed files (such as size, date/age, name, attributes).

A powerful assistant helps you to create rules for all file types on your computer at one blow or for a single file type on demand!

The Magical Tray browser provides quick and easy access to all files or folders that were processed by Magical Tray. Moreover you can browse all your files by their contents instead of their locations: You're looking for certain picture or an audio file, but you don't remember where you saved it? The Magical Tray browser already "knows" where it is. Just select the desired content characteristics and the browser immediately presents the proper file(s)!

Powerful filter functions including name, date / age, size and location enable quick access to the desired file(s).

Built-in preview shows pictures (max. 256 at a time), HTML and text documents.

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