IBDesk enables multiple desktops in Windows. Widens workspace, increases productivity.




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Description of IBDesk:

What is IBDesk?IBDesk is a software which provides multiple desktops in Windows (sometimes called "virtual" desktops). It helps making your work more comfortable by widening your work space.How does it work?It displays an icon in the system tray (left-bottom part of the screen) indicating the current desktop. A click on this icon opens a menu for selecting the desktop. Switching between desktops is also simplified by customizable hot keys.BenefitsApplications can be placed on different desktops. It simplifies navigation and prevents "overloaded" taskbars. Besides, you can hide some application on another desktop from other people.Other features of IBDeskEach desktop can have its own video mode. Changing of display settings is done automatically when another desktop is activated. This feature is especially useful for designers and web-designers.Each desktop can automatically run your applications when opened.All settings are fully customizable in the IBDesk Settings Panel.Download IBDesk right now!Don't miss yout chance to have this nice software and work more comfortable!

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