FIRST Clock - small program with large ability. Three types of skins : numeric, hourglass, arrow shaped. Lots of plug-ins (Multi-languages, Skins Edit




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Description of FIRST Clock:

"FIRST Clock" is small program but it has many possibilities and extensions. Many various of clocks: numeric, hourglass, arrow shaped. Lots of forms, colors scheme and type, it possible with help skins, it's you can download from site to directory with program. After that restart program and skins appear in section of skins. For create your clock needs to download editor for skins from site and create your skins. Now it is optionally to buy expensive clock, enough download their picture. Small manipulations with help of graphic editor and editor of skins you can receive free of charge. Don't forget to send your skins to author, that everyone saw your creation. Options of program allow to hide win clock in tray, and also automatic hide it from worker's region, that don't prevent work. You can know current date dbl-click to clock. You can extend possibilities of clock thanks to plug-ins (stopwatch; alarm clock; win options; games; screensaver: Liubasik lite(NEW!); ...). For that you must download necessary plug-ins with site to catalogue with program and restart it, then plug-ins appear in section of plug-ins. Skins and plug-ins constant supplement on site. If you are interested in that or you want to bring in a motion, write to author.

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