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Description of DTgrafic Bus Stop 2:

Actually, 'DTgrafic Bus Stop 2' can hardly be described as a screensaver - it is more like looking out of the window. Lean back and take a look at everything that happens at a normal bus stop.

The user can choose his favourite scene from four different backgrounds. An automatic change function is built-in for anybody who cannot (or does not want to) make up his mind. A different background then appears every time the screensaver is started.

Already a feature of the previous version, the screensaver switches from day to night or from summer to winter according to the system time and date. A new aspect of this feature is that the user can now decide for himself when day and night should begin. Winter can begin in any month, and the user can also determine how long it should last for. If he wants, winter can begin in August and nightfall can be at 3 in the afternoon. But there is no cause for alarm: Father Christmas still only comes in December, and no Easter bunnies can be seen jumping around until it really is Easter, provided of course that the date and time have been set correctly.

And as if that was not enough, every user can write his own text on the aeroplane banner. A monthly calendar is also available as a poster theme, which can be set to appear permanently instead of the other posters.

The shareware version offers the same features as the full version, the only difference being that all the people go away after about five minutes and do not reappear.

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