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Movie Jack from Rimax allows backup copies of DVDs to be created onto standard CD-R or CD-RW disks. Protect your data using low cost CD Media rather than more expensive DVD-R disks. Movie Jack is presented in retail packaging and comes complete with a multi-lingual manual and CD-ROM.Movie Jack will automatically back-up the content of your DVDs and includes all the software programmes you may need. The resultant output is high-quality Video CDs, very similar to DVDs.How does it Work?1. In order to use Movie Jack you will need a PC containing a DVD-ROM and CD-RW (or combined DVD-ROM and CD-RW).2. Movie Jack converts and compresses!During ripping Move Jack automatically converts DVD formats into Video CD compatible data and creates a file on the hard drive of the PC.3. Movie Jack then records the compressed DVD format onto standard CDs. These CDs can be played in Video CD players and Home DVD Systems (VCD compatible).System RequirementsWindows 98SE, ME, NT, 2000, XPMMX Pentium Processor4MB RAMDVD-ROMCD-Recorder or CD-ReWriter (or combined DVD-ROM + CD-RW)2GB free space on internal hard diskWarning!It is illegal to make copies of DVD movies and other copyrighted data apart for the purpose of backing up the original disk.

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