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Description of Q-Recovery - Deutsch:

Programmbeschreibung: Q-Recovery is a utility that allows you to save yoursystem's configuration. In the event of a disaster, you can restore one ofyour previously saved configurations (or a part of it). The DOS- RestoreModule lets you restore your system files also when Windows 95/98 fails tostart. With the help of the Rescue Disk Wizard, you can create a bootablefloppy disk, which includes your configuration, and can be used to restoreyour configuration. SmartSave saves your configuration automatically atsystem startup on a daily, weekly or monthly base. All recent system files(including the System Registry) are included in the save process. You canadd user-defined files or select the 'Bookmarks', 'Favorites', 'Cookies','Mailboxes' and 'Address Books' from the Browsers Microsoft InternetExplorer 4.x and Netscape Communicator 4.0x

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