Paragon Drive Backup 5.5 Enterprise 20-Site license

Protect your working environment from any disaster.




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Description of Paragon Drive Backup 5.5 Enterprise 20-Site license:

Protect your working environment from any disaster. Computer viruses, operating system crash, computer system crash or hardware failure, even your inadvertent actions could be the reasons for quick restore of working state of computer system. If you don¡¯t have backup, this could be a large problem.

With Paragon Drive Backup you may create backup in user-friendly Windows interface with just several clicks. Backup will contain exact copy of your operating environment including every file on selected disk. In the case of disaster restore will not be a terrible headache ¨C it will be as simple as backup operation, even in the case of completely non-working system.

Our utility implements smart copying algorithm for mostly used file systems: FAT16/32, NTFS, Ext2/3FS. This great feature along with low-level access technologies significantly reduce the time needed to create a backup. The image file can be splitted ¨C automatically for removable media (such as ZIP?, JAZ? or MO-discs), or at specified size (e.g. to burn onto CDR/CDRW). Backup image file size can be reduced by selecting compression capabilities. If you need to restore just one or a bunch of files from backup image file you don¡¯t need to restore the whole disk, you can easily browse the contents of image file just like any other drive. Paragon Drive Backup can also significantly ease the problem of hard disk upgrade ¨C regardless of how complicated changes in partitioning you plan.

Special feature in Enterprise version - Multicast to the dozens of PCs. Drive Backup Enterprise can connect to remote hard disks through the network. It is also possible to create 'Multicast' remote disk which is virtual and combines several remote disks. Then, hard disk image or partition image can be loaded to this 'Multicast' disk. Practically, partition/hard disk image will be copied across the network to dozens of PCs. It happens at the same time so it takes much less time than loading image to each workstation.

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