mCopias is a software to carry out copies of security, backups.




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Description of mCopias:

mCopias is a software to carry out copies of security, backups. He works in a disregarded way, without the user's intervention. It allows to program a limitless quantity of backups sessions, each a completely independent of the other ones, maintains a complete record of all the copies carried out with integrated statistics. Each one of the sessions can be configured to copy the files and/or folders that are needed, indicating where we want to keep them, how many you copy we want to maintain, each how long we want that they are carried out, what level of compression of data we want and we can even decide if to keep the copies in the same computer, in another of the local net or in a remote server in internet. In a copy data can be stored from the different computers to which can connect, with total independence of the operating system that you have, while they are accessible from the computer that has installed mCopias. It is very easy of using and at the same time it possesses high benefits. Very recommended so much for servers of enterprises like it personal use.

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