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Description of FolderMatch:

FolderMatchcompares and synchronizes any two folder trees or two files. Winnerof the 2002 Shareware Industry Award for "Best Overall Utility",it's a MUST-HAVE tool for keeping files and folders in sync as well aspowerful insurance against loss of valuable data.   Whether you'retrying to keep files and folders organized on a desktop computer, performingregular backups onto removable disks, synchronizing rapidly-changing laptopdata with your main computer, or doing network administration file maintenance,FolderMatch offers one-button foldersynchronization for the casual user, and a full range of sophisticatedtools for the power user.
When comparing folders andtheir associated sub-folders, FolderMatchuses side-by-side screens to show the file matches and mismatches. Dragand drop operations are supported between the screens. Using FolderMatch'scontext (right-click) menu, you can easily view, edit, move, copy, recycle,and delete files. If you're not sure what a file contains, you can loadit into its associated program to view it. When comparing individual files,FolderMatchuses line numbers and highlighting to show all of the differences betweenthe files.
FolderMatchlets you compare files five different ways, from the basic comparison offile size and date/time, to the advanced 160-bit Secure Hash Algorithm(SHA) method. The program can even ignore Daylight Savings Time, and FAT/NTFStime differences of up to two seconds, when comparing files.  Advancedusers can create pattern lists of files and folders to include and excludefrom the comparison.
FolderMatchoffers one-button folder synchronization.  You can synchronize foldersin seven different pre-defined ways, including replacing older files withthe newer files from the other folder, moving orphan files from folderto folder, making one folder a mirror image of the other, or performinga bi-directional replacement of older and orphan files. You can even definecustom synchronization criteria for ensuring that your folders are up todate, and properly backed up.
Who can benefit fromFolderMatch?
Everyonewho maintains multiple copies of files or folders:
With users working at multiplelocations, it's hard to keep all of the
computers current with thelatest files and data. Files may change several times a day. How is thework coordinated on all of the various computers, making sure that allsystems contain the most recent versions of all of the files? FolderMatchsolves this problem. It even gives you the ability to examine the differencesbetween Microsoft Word documents!
Whenever there are duplicatecopies of files/folders across a network, there is always a risk that theymay be out of sync. FolderMatch caneliminate this risk. No more painful inspections for missing files whensetting up directories or applying file updates.
A common task for peopleworking with CD duplication and replication is the verification that theimage mastered is the same as the result of the
duplication. A tool thatcan compare files down to the byte level is
required. FolderMatchoffers several byte-level comparison options - from
the industry-standard CRCto the advanced 160-bit Secure Hash Algorithm.
Do you have backups of yourbackups? Having a backup copy of a critical file can be a real lifesaverwhen your hard drive crashes or when your dog uses your floppy disk asa chew toy. FolderMatch can help youmanage all of your backups.
Hate wasting hard disk space? People are amazed at how many duplicate files are on their computer andhow much valuable disk space they take up.
And it provides one of thefastest, most full-featured duplicate file finders in the industry

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