FlopImager is a small and handy tool for creating image files from floppy disks. It comes as a Windows application and as a console program.




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Description of FlopImager:

FlopImager is designed to create image files of your floppy disks. Once created you can write them back to another disk. So FlopImager can be used to simply copy one disk to another, but the main reason I wrote this application is, that the data saved to a floppy disk is not that save as if you would write it to compact- or a harddisk, or send them as emails to friends.

It is usually no problem to copy all the files stored on a floppy disk to another media. But some floppy disks contain extra information is not stored in files (eg. the bootsector your Win2k setup disks or your old MS-DOS boot disks). How would you copy this information? Or what if your floppy disk contains data without filesystem information (disks written by other operating systems)?

This is where FlopImager becomes useful. This very easy-to-use application reads the whole content of your disk cylinder by cylinder and saves it into an image file on a specified path. If the original disk get lost or damaged, it can any time be reproduced with help of the disk image.

FlopImager comes in two flavours: One as a Windows program for convenient usage via mouse, and once as a console application allowing FlopImager to be used in scripts and other programs.

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