FINALeRASER 1.0 (File/Folder/Disk eraser program)

Completely erase unwanted files and directories




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Description of FINALeRASER 1.0 (File/Folder/Disk eraser program):

FINALeRASER not only deletes the file directory information but also the actual data on the hard drive. This permanently erases files unlike emptying from the Recycle Bin. It also completely initializes the data sector where the data was located. In this sense, FINALeRASER acts much like a low level format. Once the data is deleted with FINALeRASER, it will permanently be irrecoverable. FINALeRASER is a must have tool for anyone wanting to completely erase the existence of data on a hard drive. [Note]Software complies with 7,13, and 36 times deleting options stated by the U.S. Department of Defense (Regulation DoD 5220.22.M)

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