File Backup Watcher Professional (1-4 licenses)

Program Files Backup's Watching is intended for files and catalogues backup, both with their following archiving, and without it.




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Description of File Backup Watcher Professional (1-4 licenses):

The program has the built - in master of profiles creation. That's why it is now possible not only to carry out "manual" backup but also to adjust the scheduler so that the program would automatically carry out the backup of the specified files or catalogues on the established time. The opportunity of archiving backup files allows to reduce place on a hard disk, occupied by these files. Archiving is carried out with the help of internal Zip - archiver. Archives can be unpacked with the help of WinZip. For the automatic backup you can choose the time of carrying out: daily, weekly, monthly or once on the established date. After the installation the icon of the program is placed into the folder Autoloading, during the minimization of the main form "removes" itself from the taskbar of Windows and puts its icon into the System tray. It is very convenient, the program is used as the agent which is constantly started, and in certain time carries out the files backup. The launch of the second copy of the program is not allowed. All adjustments of the program are automatically saved into an INI-file and at the next start are restored.

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