Disk and file cataloging tool for CD-ROMs,MOs,ZIPs,FDs... Also FD image backup.




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Description of DiskDB:

DiskDB is a disk and file cataloging tool. Allows you to browse and search directory and file informations on removable or offline storage media without having to mount them.- Save directory informations of CD-ROMs, MOs, ZIPs, FDs, Hard Disks, or any aother storage media.- Display the directory and file informations of any of the registered disks with Windows Explorer-like browser. - Create folders to organize your media on the database.- Search across all media in the database.- Compare media and registrations at different times to show changes. - Export data from the DB to a file in a CSV or TEXT format. - Backup and restore FDs, with raw data image, preserving boot capability. - Print any part of directory registered on the DB.

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